Perfect Bliss Special Edition CD

Announcing the release of the latest Jenny Haskins Special Edition design CD Perfect Bliss – a quilt by Simon Haskins.

The Perfect Bliss design CD includes 106 embroidery designs, (suitable for 350mm x 360mm, 200mm x 360mm and 200mm x 200m hoop sizes), full color detailed directions and ‘actual size’ Design Layout Diagrams. All you have to do is get your fabrics, threads and stabilizers, Jenny even gives you four additional thread and fabric combinations to choose from in the Perfect Bliss quilt directions!

This CD contains the following:
?106 Embroidery Designs to make Perfect Bliss suitable for:
350mm x 360mm, 200mm x 360mm and 200mm x 200mm hoops.

?All the embroidery designs needed to make the Perfect Bliss quilt are sized to suit any of the three hoop sizes listed above

?Detailed directions and step-by-step photography (just like in a book), to make the Perfect Bliss quilt, (color coded to suit your hoop size) for you to print (and hopefully read)!

?Actual size, block and center medallion Design Combination Layouts that can be printed and then stuck together to be used as guides for exact design template placement combinations using Template Magic, Printable Sheets. This makes multi-design hooping so easy, even a beginner is guaranteed perfect results

?Step-by-step directions on how to use combined design placement templates for accurate embroidery placement when multi fabric hooping is required for large embroidery designs

?Detailed directions on what threads and stabilizers to use for perfect non-pucker embroidery results.

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