Embroidery Club is run in addition to normal Sewing Club. We hold a Demonstration day on the 2nd Thursday of every month and then 3 (Three) Hands On sewing days throughout the month.

On the demonstration day, you will receive a demonstration from Cath and specifically any embroidery or stabilising tips necessary for you to complete the months project. Like normal club, for those present on the day, you will receive written notes and instructions on how to complete the project.

The designs used will either be free or come at a cost of no more than $15 per month, instructions for obtaining or purchasing the designs will be in Requirements list and also in your monthly Embroidery Club email. For those with no email address we are happy to assist by providing the design (upon request) by Disk or your provided medium at a cost of $5.

The Hands On sewing days are FREE and will be a FULL DAY session (due to time required to complete embroidery and project) – however due to the complexity and space required for embroidery machines, you MUST BOOK to come to these sewing days. Like normal Sewing Club, your requirements for the hands on days will be available to download from our website or you can collect in store the month prior.

You must be a Sewing Club Member to become an Embroidery Club member and is an additional $25 per year. However if you do not feel that you wish to come to every month, then you are welcome to come as a non-member for $15 per visit.

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